One Coat Stucco in Modern Society

The National One Coat Stucco Association (NOCSA) is pleased to announce our new AIA CES training program One Coat Stucco in Modern Society. This online course is available free of charge and outlines the advantages of One Coat Stucco (OCS) in modern building construction.

In this one-hour course, we will trace the evolution of stucco to more fully understand how the product has influenced both the exterior and interior construction of walls in today’s modern structures. We will also compare and contrast one coat stucco to three coat stucco to see the value that the one coat stucco system offers. Best practices for product mixing and application of stucco from substrate to finish will be presented to reveal cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency, durability, sustainability, and design versatility features. In addition, we will examine the various ways that one coat stucco has proven to have weather resistant and fire-resistant properties that contribute to a healthier and safer environment for people and property.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explore the history of stucco and explain how it has influenced modern buildings that are both durable and sustainable.
2. Define one coat stucco and explain how it provides design flexibility as well as cost-effective solutions.
3. Discuss the stucco process from substrate to finish to highlight the ways the application provides energy-efficiency as well as thermal and sound insulation.
4. Analyze the fire and weather resistive properties of one coat stucco that make it safe for buildings and its occupants.

The course was developed by the National One Coat Stucco Association (NOCSA) in cooperation with Ron Blank & Associates (RBA). Ron Blank & Associates are a Registered Provider for the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Services (AIA-ES). Its development was not only funded by NOCSA but also the on-going monthly costs of promotion and distribution.

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